Getting your shipping container to you is part of what makes the Spacewiseai??i??s work ethic one of our most attractive qualities, and why we put the customersai??i?? needs first, ensuring the quick and efficient delivery of all of our containers. Consequently, the people at Spacewise have engineered and installed methods of getting your shipping container to you in a more than timely fashion. After Spacewise has met with you and a determined the type of shipping container you will need, and performed a requisite credit check, we mobilize the necessary lories at our depots so that we can execute streamlined delivery with as little hassle as possible, using a practical and step by step process that will get you shipping container to you within 48 hours.

Because shipping containers by their nature are often required to reach several remote areas across the county, Spacewise has established several depots to assist us in meeting our 48 hour delivery goal. For a premium charge we are even able to deliver shipping containers to you after traditional working hours and on the weekend. This service is part of the core agenda of the Spacewise customer service team, delivering quality shipping containers to our clients in a timely manner wherever possible. When you place your order with the Spacewise sales team, they will inform you of the necessary accommodations you will need to make on the property, depending on the model of shipping container that you request.

One example of a consideration that often needs to be made for the effective placement of a shipping container, is securing a flat service, concrete if possible, where the container can be placed. In special cases Spacewise may be able accommodate you by providing a base for you to use at locations that have softer ground. Itai??i??s important to remember that in order for Spacewise to assist you in these circumstances you will need to inform our team in advance. Another unique example of Spacewise delivery is the portable chiller shipping containers which come with wheels for extra maneuverability and delivered using a much smaller lorry, helping to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Spacewise provides all sorts of shipping containers that are built to accommodate all sorts of loads including secure storage with a dry ambient space, perfect for the shipping of cards, lawnmowers, canned goods, retail items, motor parts, electrical goods, cars, packaging materials, motorbikes, shelving, TVs, dry foodstuffs, and building materials. We also supply precise temperature controlled containers that can handle loads that are very sensitive to variations in temperature such as: frozen food, cultures, research products, chemicals (non-hazardous), wine, pharmaceuticals, beer, chilled food, fresh food, fruit, vegetables, poultry, and processed food.

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