Portable Chillers

Thanks to our years of experience providing customers throughout the country with just the right climate controlled and refrigerated shipping container units, Spacewise recognizes that not every project requires a container that produces arctic temperatures or that not everyone has the space to facilitate a large shipping container. In these cases Spacewise offers our popular chiller model that has earned a reputation as the workhorse of many outdoor events as well as for those people running a small local business.

Spacewise offer these 10ai??i?? box sized containers in large numbers throughout the year, but what makes them special is their portability. Being easy to ship and relocate this model is one of its key features and makes it a great tool for concerts or large outdoor events such as food and wine festivals.

This massively effective mobile cold storage units have a fully galvanised steel chassis,have independent suspension and braking on all wheels. They come fully insulated with anti-slip aluminium floor, come with full rod lighting and dual temperature controls of beetween+10 to ai??i?? 18 C as standard. They also still have the capacity to be modified with features including shelving.

These units come delivered to you as trailer with 14 inch wheels for easy maneuverability, Outdoor events are typically very organic in terms of execution and chaotic, even with the best planning, and the ability to move one container from one tent or area to another makes these perfect for catering high-end events.all you need to do is hook it up to your vehicle and you can move it at a momentai??i??s notice.

Even though our portable chillier containers are smaller than some of the containers available a Spacewise, they are the perfect solution for portable shipping and perfect for outdoor and large scale events.


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